Stroke Rehabilitation in Sydney

Whether you’re in recovery or are seeking to prevent another stroke, Siobhan Tuite offers comprehensive guidance and holistic care to aid your journey. Her team provides a supportive environment that’s crucial to effective rehabilitation, and their expertise ensures each patient experiences maximum recovery potential. From physical exercises to cognitive therapy, each person’s stroke rehabilitation specialist program is customised according to their unique needs.

Stroke rehab in Sydney improvements in your stroke rehabilitation typically occur during the first six months, though recovery continues for years after that. During this time, your healthcare professionals will assist you to relearn or find new ways of doing things that have been affected by your stroke, such as muscle strength and coordination, thinking and memory, and range of motion.

Navigating Parkinson’s Rehab in Sydney

Many people experience pain following a stroke, so it’s important to talk to your therapist or nurse about any discomfort you’re having. It’s also a good idea to wear comfortable day clothes for your rehabilitation, especially if you’ll be spending time in the hydrotherapy pool or gym.

Traditionally, access to high-quality stroke treatment and rehabilitation has been limited outside of metropolitan areas as most specialists and tailored services are found in cities. However, seven regional hospitals have been recognised in this year’s Australian Stroke Coalition Quality Stroke Service Awards for achieving nine best-practice benchmarks such as administering the blood-clot-dissolving drug, thrombolysis, within 60 minutes of hospital arrival. “Regional Australians are 17 percent more likely to have a stroke, and these award winners prove that with focus, investment, and commitment to monitoring stroke care using the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry approach and national expected standards, great outcomes can be achieved wherever you live,” Professor Cadilhac said.

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