Running Machine Repairs Near Me

Having trouble with your running machine repairs near me or elliptical and need someone to come fix it? Maybe you are moving or doing some renovating in your home and need a professional to move your fitness equipment for you. Or maybe you just have a couple of annoying issues that you want resolved like a squeaky or loud treadmill or an equipment that doesn’t feel as smooth as it did when new?

We can help you with these problems and more. We repair:

Troubleshooting running belt issues – It could just be that your treadmill’s belt needs some lubrication. Try sticking your hand under the belt when it is off and unplugged to see if it feels oily or wavy, then add some lubricant if needed.

Other electrical problems:

Troubleshooting power control boards, display electronics on treadmills and elliptical’s, cross-trainers and stationary bikes. Cleaning and lubricating equipment, flipping decks on treadmills, replacing overlays on displays where sweat has gotten in between. Replacing belts on commercial treadmills,walking belts and rear drive belts on ellipticals/crosstrainers/stationary bikes. Changing brushes on alternators for treadmills.

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