Different Kinds of Resin Flooring

Resin flooring uk is a practical and sensible option for a wide range of spaces, from industrial garages to hospitals. They are resistant to impact and damage, easy to clean, strong, anti-slip and offer excellent hygienic properties. They are an ideal alternative to floorboards and complement a modern, Scandinavian or contemporary interior design style. Choosing the right resin floor for your needs is important, however, as different kinds of resin floors offer specific benefits.

For instance, PMMA resin flooring is a cost-effective option with good chemical resistance. It is suitable for a wide variety of environments and is often used in food and drink production facilities in the UK because it resists abrasion, impacts and chemicals. It is also extremely durable and can be easily repaired and upgraded.

Exploring Resin Flooring in the UK: Trends and Options

Polyurethane (PU) resin is similar to PMMA in terms of resistance to abrasion and impact, but it also performs well in the face of direct heat. This is why many UK bakeries opt for a PU resin floor in their kitchens, particularly in front of ovens.

Decorative resin floors are a popular choice in retail, office and residential spaces. They are versatile in color and appearance, offering a shiny and seamless finish that is attractive to the eye. These floors can be customized with quartz or acrylic flakes to create a unique appearance. They are durable and anti-slip, with the added benefit of reducing noise levels. Moreover, these floors can be made anti-static, making them an ideal option for cleanrooms or IT server rooms in the UK.

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