Essential Stairlift Safety Features

Essential Stairlift Safety Features

A Certified Snagging should only be operated by one person at a time. This will prevent multiple passengers from overloading the device, causing it to overheat or damage parts of the stair lift. Stairlift manufacturers typically provide a maximum weight limit for the device, which is recommended to be followed. The best way to avoid exceeding the stairlift’s weight limit is to read its user manual carefully.

It is also important to educate children who live in the home or frequent the household about keeping hands, arms and feet away from a stairlift when it is operating. If possible, talk with your stairlift dealer about including a key lock feature on the device to discourage children from playing with or using it without adult supervision.

All reputable stairlift companies design their devices with safety in mind. From a retractable swivel seat to a remote control that minimizes mobility challenges, many different components make a stairlift safe for use. Some of the most essential stairlift safety features include:

Sensors and Obstruction Detection

Stairlifts are equipped with sensors that will automatically cut off power if the device encounters an obstruction on the stairs. This ensures the stairlift will stop immediately, preventing injuries and property damage. Many stairlifts also have a smooth start and stop feature to reduce the risk of injury caused by jerking motions.

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