How to Beat Turn it in

how to beat turn it in

There are various ways that students have tried to turn it in to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Some of these methods are easy but some may not be foolproof and your professor may still catch you. However, if you need to get an assignment completed and do not have enough time to write it yourself you can always order an essay from a professional writing service and they will complete your paper for you without being caught!

One of the most popular cheats to how to beat turn it in it in involves paraphrasing your writing. This will make the software see your work as unique and not plagiarized. However, this can be very time-consuming and requires some skill.

Another trick is to use a word processor that will allow you to insert special symbols into your document. These will be hidden to your professor but may confuse the program and prevent it from flagging your work as plagiarized.

Using a variety of transition words like ‘furthermore’, ‘next’, ’moreover’, ‘and so’, ‘therefore’, and ‘as a result’ can add some variation to your sentence structure and confuse the text-flagging software used by Turnitin. This will help to improve your chances of beating the software.

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