Benefits of a Fall Detection Watch

A fall detection watch alerts loved ones, caregivers, or emergency services when a person falls. Many are equipped with a button that the wearer can press to call for help, but others use motion sensors to automatically trigger the alarm. This technology can be helpful for seniors who struggle to reach a wall-mounted help button, or who may become confused by pressing multiple buttons on a medical alert pendant.

Safety on Your Sleeve: The Top Fall Detection Watches to Keep You Secure

While these devices are a great option for some people, they can also be prone to false positives, which occur when the device mistakenly interprets normal movements as a fall. Some of the best products work to minimize this problem by incorporating a user’s history into their algorithms. This data helps them better distinguish between a real fall and a movement that mimics one but doesn’t actually qualify as an emergency.

In addition to this, the most reliable fall detection watches offer two-way communication with users and their loved ones. This allows them to confirm whether a fall actually happened or not and gives the user reassurance that help is on the way. Some even include a feature that automatically sends daily medication reminders to prevent forgetting to take vital medications.

Some of the best medical alert watches include a subscription service that adds extra features like Support Circle to their base price, which provides family members and care providers with updates about the wearer’s condition. The feature costs an additional $3 per month and offers extra benefits like medication reminders, appointment reminders, and more.

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