Top 5 YouTube to MP3 Converters

youtube to mp3 converter

YouTube hosts a vast reservoir of content, from music videos to podcasts to lectures and audiobooks. But sometimes we just want to listen to our favorite tunes without the video component.

Fortunately, there are many easy-to-use online tools that allow us to extract and download audio files from YouTube. These are free of charge and do not require any download or registration.


YTMP3 is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows users to convert YouTube videos into high-quality MP3 files. This audio format is compatible with most devices and media players, making it easier to listen to music on the go. It also enables users to create playlists and organize their music library. Additionally, YTMP3 allows users to select the bitrate and sampling rate of their MP3 files, allowing them to adjust the quality and file size based on their preferences.

YTMP3 has gained popularity among users due to its ease of use and quality of service. Users have praised the platform for its high-quality MP3 conversions and its compatibility with various devices. However, some users have complained about the website’s advertisements and slow processing speed. Moreover, it is important to note that using youtube to mp3 converters may infringe copyright laws if you are not careful. YTMP3 has taken steps to mitigate these concerns by providing users with helpful guides and tips for using the tool safely.


Y2mate is an excellent YouTube downloader and converter that offers a wide range of features and functionality. Its easy-to-use interface and lightning-fast download speed make it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to watch YouTube videos offline. It also lets you convert videos into MP3 files for free.

However, Y2mate has been linked to malware and adware, so users should be aware of this before downloading. Its intrusive ads and notifications can be a security risk, especially for those with sensitive browser settings. In addition, it can automatically redirect you to other websites that may contain viruses or malware.

To use Y2mate, copy the video URL and paste it into the designated field on the website. After selecting the desired format, click “Download” to start the download. Y2mate supports many popular online video platforms, including YouTube, and provides multiple output formats and resolutions. It is also compatible with a variety of devices and operating systems.


MediaHuman is a free audio converter for Windows that supports a wide range of formats. It also has a few extra features that other programs don’t have. For instance, it can split music files by CUE sheet automatically. It can also automatically remove source files after converting them. This makes it a great choice for those who want to save space on their computer.

The program offers a number of predefined profiles for common formats like MP3, AAC, WMA and OGG, but it can be configured to use the custom profile that you create yourself. It also allows you to specify the output folder and preserve the folder structure, as well as set the maximum number of processors to be used during conversion.

In addition, it can transfer metadata from the source file and display cover art for music files. However, it does not support iOS- or macOS-friendly output formats. Moreover, the program constantly prompts users to upgrade to a premium version.


Kapwing is an all-in-one video editor and multimedia platform that lets you create videos and visuals from any computer. It offers a variety of tools, including a video editor, meme maker, screen recorder, image converter, and caption creator. It also has a built-in media library with stock video and photo files.

Its video editing features are designed to save time and streamline production processes. For example, Smart Cut automates the cutting process by removing silences from audio clips and video. You can also use Magic Subtitles to convert speech into accurate, editable subtitles.

The platform is a great tool for creating visual content for social media, marketing campaigns, or instructional videos. Its versatility makes it a good choice for both students and professionals. Its interface is easy to navigate and provides a simple learning curve. It is also mobile-friendly. In addition, the app is backed up and secure, so you can access your projects anytime, anywhere.

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