What Is Wet Pour?

wet pour

Wet pour is a popular choice for playground surfaces as it offers a colourful and durable surface with the added bonus of being very safe. It is also an ideal surface for areas that need a specific shape as it is a ‘pour on’ surface and can be installed in many different shapes. Wet pour is made up of two layers – an SBR base layer and a EPDM wearing course. The SBR layer is a hard wearing shock absorbent material which is then topped with a decorative top course of EPDM rubber granules that are available in a range of colours and designs.

It is a porous surface which means it can be laid on an existing suitable or specially prepared sub-base that allows rainwater to filter through and into the ground. This helps keep the surface free-draining and reduces water pooling.

The Essential Guide to Wet Pour Maintenance: Keeping Your Surface Safe and Beautiful

The granules used within wet pour are bound together using a polyurethane binder which is mixed on site and laid in various thicknesses dependent upon the critical fall height of any equipment installed on it. The surface can be used with numerous graphics and designs to create a vibrant and interactive space.

A well-designed wet pour surface will retain less heat than an alternative such as tarmac, even when left in the sun for prolonged periods of time. The use of shade and strategic placement of plant beds and trees will also help to keep the surface cooler for longer.

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