Insulated Hot Tub Cover

A good insulated hot tub cover helps to retain the heat of your spa, saving you money on energy costs and prolonging the life of your spa. You’ll also need a cover that is safe for your children and pets and can withstand the weather conditions in your area. This insulated cover is made with marine grade vinyl and treated to resist mildew and UV rays. It has a double-wrapped core and is available in a range of colors to suit your hot tub. The cover is backed by a 7-year warranty and meets ASTM safety standards.

Locking in the Heat: The Benefits of an Insulated Hot Tub Cove

This insulated hot tub cover cover is perfect for areas that experience heavy rainfall. Its c-channels are made from Galvalum metal, which is 30% stronger than aluminum and is resistant to corrosion. Its thicker cover is designed to withstand snow and ice, making this a great choice for cold climates. It also features a liner that runs the length of the hinge to prevent heat from escaping in this area, while preventing rainwater and debris from collecting.

If your insulated hot tub cover becomes saturated with water, it will not insulate as well. This is because the foam will absorb the water, resulting in a reduction in thermal resistance. The best insulated hot tub cover will have a waterproof vapor barrier to prevent moisture from absorbing the foam.

You may find that you need to replace your insulated hot tub cover more often than a soft cover. This is because it tends to be heavier and can be difficult to keep from blowing off your spa in strong winds. You should also look for a cover that has straps and drawstrings to ensure it stays secure in windy conditions.

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