Vaporizers and Dab Pens Are the New Way to Consume Your Marijuana

vaporizer weed

Across the country, vaporizer weed enthusiasts are opting to consume their pot using sleek devices and cartridges filled with cannabis oils rather than from joints or bowls of burning leaves. In fact, some dispensaries say that vaporizers now account for 30 percent or more of their sales. This is because vaporizers allow consumers to experience the effects of cannabis without exposing themselves to potentially harmful smoke inhalation, or lingering odor.

A vaporizer heats up your cannabis material to a point just below combustion, so it doesn’t release any toxic chemicals in the form of smoke that can lead to long term effects such as decreased lung function and immune system suppression. Additionally, vaporizers produce less odor and can be used in a more discreet manner.

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Dry herb vaporizers generally use either conduction or convection heating methods. Conduction is when your device warms up the cannabis through direct contact, while convection is when your product is heated through a hot chamber. For a smooth and delicious vaping experience, look for a unit that has a ceramic element, an adjustable pearl that can be lifted or lowered to tamp down your dry herb or adjust airflow, and pre-set convection temperature “smart paths” to ensure you’re inhaling the right amount of vapor.

Dab pens are usually the size of a highlighter and are used to vape cannabis concentrates created through butane extraction. These can take on many forms, from a thick liquid to a glassy solid called budder, honeycomb or shatter. Dab pens require much more power than dry herb vaporizers and are more likely to be powered by high-wattage batteries. Look for a model with a robust design, an easy-to-read screen and a battery that can last for hours.

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