How CBD Can Help Senior Dogs With Arthritis

CBD For Pets

Whether from an old injury or everyday aging, no pet parent wants to see their senior dog struggle with pain and stiffness. Pet CBD can be a game changer for many dogs suffering from these symptoms. It works by interacting with your dog’s endocannabinoid receptors to turn off the body’s reception of pain signals and promotes normal cellular activity and muscle recovery. This can help reduce pain and inflammation from normal aging or daily activities and helps relieve the discomfort of aches and soreness that occur with arthritis.

The top pet CBD brands have figured out creative ways to deliver CBD in a form that is familiar to our pets, such as tinctures, gels and treats. It’s important to slowly introduce any new supplements into your pet’s diet in order to avoid any gastrointestinal upset (typically diarrhea). It’s also a good idea to offer CBD at mealtime instead of on an empty stomach so the body has time to acclimate.

Paws and Relaxation: Exploring the Benefits of CBD for Pets

One of the biggest challenges in the pet CBD space is that products are not regulated by any official governing body, making it difficult to sift through the options and know what ingredients to look for. It’s also important to keep in mind that CBD affects liver enzymes, so it could interact with any medications your pet is currently taking.

Veterinarians can’t prescribe CBD, but they often can recommend it and provide you with a list of approved products. Also, always check the product’s COA, or certificate of analysis. This should show how much CBD and THC is in the product, and it will tell you how well the product performed in tests for contaminants such as heavy metals and fungicides.

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