Kangen Machine – The Best Alternative to a Kangen Machine

A kangen machine is an alkaline water ionizer that converts ordinary tap water into different types of ionized water through a process of electrolysis using platinum-coated plates. Its alleged benefits include hydrating, boosting metabolism and enhancing beauty. The manufacturer claims it also has antioxidant properties and can help to reverse the signs of aging. Its most popular model, the SD501, has been spotted in the hands of Bill Gates and Jennifer Aniston. Go here

What is better than Kangen Water?

However, the kangen machine price is very high and the company uses a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. Distributors earn commissions on their sales and those of people they recruit into the distribution network. This significantly inflates the cost of the machines, despite them being very similar to other ionizers on the market.

In addition, the kangen machine has a poor BBB rating, a very low warranty period (only 5 years) and expensive replacement parts. While it does create alkaline water, other ionizers like the Life Ionizer M7 are much cheaper and can produce far more antioxidant potential with their ORP levels.

In our opinion, the best alternative to a kangen machine is the MicroMax 7000 by Puronics. This machine filters all the nasty contaminants that you can find in your regular tap water on a microscopic level. It even has an additional stage that remineralizes your water, returning it to its natural state without all the fluoride and other chemicals. This makes the water healthier and safer for drinking and even cooking. Its patented semi-permeable membrane is the most advanced in the world and it’s certified to ISO standards for both environmental management and quality control.

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