3 Best Seiko Field Watches 2023

As the pickup trucks of the watch world, traditional field watches offer a rugged utilitarian style that many modern enthusiasts prefer to the more feature-rich digital options. There’s very little chance that a field watch will break under pressure or lose its battery, and it also looks great in a pack and on the back of a hiking bag. This is a great style for any outdoor lover and there’s no shortage of options available, from simple battery-powered quartz to solar-powered automatic models.

What is the oldest watch in the world?

This piece from Luminox is an excellent example of how to make a military-inspired timepiece look contemporary and attractive. The 45mm case is a decent size and features a gunmetal PVD coating. The dial is fairly minimal, with a clean aesthetic and large brown markers. Hour and minute hands have lume for nighttime readability. The dial even has a second track for military time, making this a true military-inspired piece that looks like it could be used by soldiers in the field. More info : https://nanadc.com/best-seiko-field-watch/

The Vaer C3 Korean Field USA Quartz is another military-inspired option that offers some interesting design features. The 36mm case is a good size, but still won’t fit on smaller wrists. The dial has a nice matte black finish with a contrasting external ring for minutes and is printed with a second set of numerals for military time. The hands and indices have LumiBrite, which is a bit different from Swiss Super-LumiNova but is just as effective at glow-in-the-dark visibility.

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