What Does a Weed Doctor Do?

A weed doctor is a medical professional who specializes in medicinal marijuana. They can perform a full evaluation of your condition and help you through the process of getting a medical cannabis prescription. They will also educate you on the advantages of using medical marijuana and the side effects to avoid.

How long does it take to get a medical Marijuanas card?

A typical office is like any other doctor’s clinic, except a few of the exam rooms are filled with pot and a few of the magazines on the shelf are National Geographic specials on the science of marijuana. Inside one of the rooms, a patient is waiting to meet with a physician to see if he or she qualifies for a prescription.

If the doctor agrees to certify the patient, Waisglass requires that patients undergo periodic follow-ups and submit a urine sample. He explains that he wants to make sure the cannabis is being used properly, not illegally. He wants to ensure that a person’s blood levels of THC, the drug’s psychoactive component, are below the legal limit. He is especially keen to monitor people who have had a brain tumor or other neurological conditions, which can be affected by cannabis.

The doctors in this field are called “cannabis specialists,” but the scope of their work is still evolving. While it’s easy for physicians to become experts in cardiology, gynecology or neurology, it is less clear what knowledge doctors need to recommend this new treatment. Some states have expanded the list of qualifying ailments for which they can prescribe marijuana, but many physicians are still reluctant to advocate for it.

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