Taweez Islam – Using the Quran in Taweez

Taweez islam

Taweez islam

The Quran is the Word of God; a message to the creation from the Creator. It is meant to be read and understood; a user’s manual by the manufacturer, if you will. It is beneficial only if it is acted upon wisely and thoughtfully, by the user. URL https://www.sufimagic.com/blogs/news/is-taweez-allowed-in-islam

Using the Quran in Taweez (Amulets with Qur’anic verses or numbers representing Qur’anic verses) is permissible in Islam, provided that it is written with du’as from the Qur’an or Ahadith only, and there is no other belief in it other than that it cures. The Prophet recited du’as and then blew on the sick people to help heal them, and his companions also did this.

The Importance of Taweez in Islamic Folklore and Superstition

This is Sunnah and the more pious the person is, the more healing he gets because of Allah’s blessing on him. In addition to this, it is proven from narrations that if a Muslim suffers from a disease or is cast by an envious eye, he should recite ruqyah. Ruqyah is reciting the Qur’aan and supplications reported from the Prophet (PBUH) over the sick seeking hope in Allah to cure them.

It is a great mercy from Allaah that He has made it clear for us to be able to use the Qur’aan to cure and protect ourselves, and that we are not to make it a means to other things which are not permitted. Some of these are actions such as ruqyah which uses the names of shayaateen and other devils, or doing spells with them; and some of them are being attached to these shayaateen, seeking refuge in them, slaughtering animals for them, asking them to ward off harm and bring benefits – actions which are pure shirk.

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