How to Prepare for the Pool Compliance Check

Obtain a prepare for pool compliance check (required every 4 years) before you install or change any part of your pool. You must obtain this certificate from a registered building surveyor or inspector before you can get a pool safety permit and apply for the construction of a new pool, fence, or gate.

Build a Barrier to Avoid Unsupervised Access to Your Pool

All swimming pools, hot tubs and spas must be enclosed by a fence or other barrier to prevent unauthorized access to the water. In addition, most towns require that you also install an alarm system on any doors leading to the pool area.

Create a Pool Safety Plan

In many areas, a pool safety plan is required by the local health department before you can open a residential or non-public pool. This plan must describe how the swimming pool will be used and who will be responsible for its supervision.

Keep your Chemicals Safe

Make sure that your pool chemicals are stored safely and separately from other substances. This includes ensuring that spills are contained within secondary containment areas and that any staff members who work with pool chemicals are properly trained in their use and handling.

Maintain Your Water Quality

A colorimetric test kit should be used to regularly measure the free chlorine residual, pH, and total alkalinity of your pool’s water. These tests should be performed at least once a day, and the test results should be recorded and maintained in your pool’s manual.

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